HSC Changeday

Our Information & Support Night on Monday 12th of January saw us receive a talk from Dr Steven Kinnear on the initiative called Health & Social Care Change Day.

This day will be Monday 9th of March and its a challenge of sorts to everyone who works in or uses Health & Social Care Services in Northern Ireland.

Steven gave us the reasons behind the initiative - not just a fad, but a real question for everyone to ask themselves, what one thing can I change about how I do my work if you're employed in Health & Social Care or how can I change my attitude if I use their services?

Its not just change for changes sake, its change for the better!

What can we as patients do?

We can make sure we attend our appointments, or if we can't we cancel in good time.

We can turn up for our appointment pre-planned - appointments only last 10 minutes in most cases, so its best you ask and tell exactly what you need to.

If you have either a negative or a positive experience - give feedback - everyone needs to learn, if they aren't told when they have done something wrong then they need to know so it can be fixed for the next time.  or if you have received good service, well people like to hear they've done a good job.

So lets hope come 9th of March we can choose a change for the better.